Reverse Trike Leaning

Simplified Concept for Tilting Trike

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This illustrates a simplified all mechanical version of my free to caster reverse-trike. It has the ability to transition between free to caster and normal steer modes. I tried to make the mechanics as simple as possible and hopefully not require power assist to lean a human powered bike with rider. To describe how it […]

Concept for human powered leaning trike

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The above image is a link to a video that illustrates my refined concept for a human powered tilting reverse trike (two wheels in front one in back), that can transition between steering by leaning and non leaning normal steer like a car for slow speeds. Steering by leaning works by tilting the wheels and […]

Making a Leaning Reverse Trike lean and turn


How do you make an enclosed leaning reverse trike lean? That my friends is the million dollar question that I need to find the answer to. Only a few people have built a leaning reverse trike and used a multitude of technologies to control steering and leaning, some with better results than others. Below I […]